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At SIGNEWORDS we specialise in language services. We work to ensure that your written documents and communications attain quality excellence, in order to present the best image of you or your company.

We are a comprehensive consultancy, we offer web content, a translation agency and blog maintenance. We offer all languages and between any combination.

The translators, writers and consultants at SIGNEWORDS are linguists, journalists and professionals that have made it onto the team due to their experience and excellent education, as well as their proven interest in the evolution of language and communication.


Translation Department

We only work with translators who are native or bilingual in the target language, and they must also be linguists. SIGNEWORDS has professional translators in: English, Catalan, Russian, German, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, Danish, Chinese, French, Basque, Norwegian, Japanese, Greek, Finnish, Arabic and Dutch. View presentation in PDF


Filed in: Blog, Traducción. Date: 21/05/2018

La localización de textos para ecommerce

Tal como hemos visto en otros artículos de nuestro blog, cuando hablamos de localización nos referimos a un proceso que va mucho más allá de la mera traducción de textos. En el comercio electrónico, localizar un producto o servicio implica adaptarlo y modificarlo para el mercado al que se dirige. Debemos tener en cuenta no […]

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Filed in: Blog. Date: 29/01/2018

Google Buds: The new kid on the translation block?

Google’s Pixel Buds launched last October amid a blizzard of publicity. They were of particular interest to the translation industry due to the inclusion of Google’s voice-activated smart assistant that, in theory at least, pairs with the Google Translate smartphone app to provide real-time translation in 40 different languages. Now that we’re four months down […]

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Filed in: Blog. Date: 22/01/2018

Loanwords, Loan Translations and Calques

Have you ever wished somebody ‘bon appétit’? Have you ever bad mouthed anyone? Have you ever felt a pang of schadenfreude at another’s misfortune? Have you ever had a drink in a beer garden? You may not answer ‘yes’ to all these questions (although I bet you do!), but at least you understand them. If […]

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Filed in: Blog. Date: 11/01/2018

Skills & Qualifications for Interpreters vs Translators

‘Oh, you’re a translator? How fascinating! I’d love to be able to understand what people are saying when they speak in a different language!’ All translators and interpreters have heard this statement, or something to this effect, at least once in their life. The person uttering these words is probably attempting to show his or […]

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