Journalism as essential career

Three years ago I decided to study journalism. Believe me, I did. Although it is an underestimated profession, I swear I did. Strangely enough, nowadays society thinks that reporters are not necessary. That whoever who has a camera or a computer can write about what happens around him and that intermediaries should disappear. That’s the great debate.

Journalism is not such an easy profession. As a human being (with a subjective view of the world), one needs to be able to differentiate between what your principles are and what a news is, especially when you act as a journalist. And this much more complicated that it seems.

First, you have to bear in mind that what matters in this kind of profession is the public sphere. Secondly, you cannot forget that you are due to your public. And finally, you have to be a professional on what you write -that is, if you write about economics, you must know how the stocks market rules. And to all these factors you have to add the most important one: to be objective and forget your ideology. This is why journalists are trained not only to be able to explain what happens around the world in an efficient way but also to understand how economics work, which stops does follow a person who is been prosecuted or which are the rules that any sports has, just to put some examples.

Easy? Not at all.

Thus, we should not forget that newspapers, televisions or radios are the base of democracy. In this sense, without the media, society can be manipulated.  The problem is that society thinks that means of communication are the ones who manipulate. But what would we do without them? Would we know what politicians do? Would they reveal their own scandals? Probably not. This is why journalism is an essential profession.

In spite of this crisis that journalism is suffering –not only economical but also prestigious- there are people who want to be a journalist, believe it or not. Although they know that their salary will be low, that their bosses will ask him to be a multiskilled person who does the work of four people and that many people will probably look him above his shoulder.

Thus, we are living the era of communication and, more than ever, people need to know what happens around them. For this reason, information needs to be processed by experts who know how to transmit messages efficiently and by the ones who have really studied the rules that information demand.  They are not manipulators; they only try to show reality in the most objective way that is possible.

Àngels Mulet

Trainee student at Signe Words