The reality about newspapers

Do you think that printed newspapers will disappear? Then, you must read this article. Recent studies have shown that newspapers are the media in which society most trusts. Indeed, every day 14,4 million of people do read a newspaper in Spain.

This datum shows that newspapers are not minority and that they take an important part in society. Besides, we should know that 40% of people who consume newspapers are between 25 and 45 years old. Thus, almost a half of the people who read a newspaper is young and they will probably continue reading them in a future Do you still think that newspapers will disappear? Then, continue reading.

You should know that the journalistic industry is one of the less affected by the crisis. While the textile or the electrical appliance sector has fallen in a 24% and a 27% respectively since 2007, printed newspapers have dropped in a 10%. This is because people need to be informed.

The value of known mastheads is of great importance for readers who prefer a printed newspaper with a section of opinion to, at the same time, escape from informative superabundance. They consult them rather than radios, televisions or the Internet to get an idea of reality in a simple and even more complete way.

Those ones who decide to buy a printed edition of a newpaper are not nostalgics or freaks, they just do what they are used to: try to know what happens around the world by reading a piece of paper, which seems to provide much more realibility. Still, there are people who think that this action is like a sociocultural activity in which they buy a specific masthead just because their grandparents did it.

To all these factors we should add the emergence of new newspapers in Latinoamerican countries, a fact that is unthinkable in Spain and that will be discussed in future posts.

Àngels Mulet

Trainee student at Signe Words