Why Should You Blog?

Why Should you Blog_ Image 1 Jeff Sheldon

Content Marketing, once considered a bit of a fad, is here to stay. Publishing your own content will help drive potential customers, fans, supporters, friends and everyone else to your site. You may well have all the social media channels known to man, but if you don’t have fresh and unique content to feed through them then what is the point?

Say hello to the Blog

A well-known marketing tool, but why do we need it?

  • To increase your visibility on search engines. Pack your blog posts with keywords – without weakening your text of course.
  • To communicate your brand. Customers want to know why they should use you or buy your service/product rather than anyone else’s. If they like you and all that you stand for, you’re one step ahead of the competition. Use your blog to make friends.
  • To engage with customers. It’s great that you have your social media set up, but you can’t retweet everything, you can’t use your lunch photos as a Facebook status update. What you need is fresh content to feed through these channels.
  • To drive traffic to your website.

How not to Blog

  • Blogging is not an afterthought; don’t leave it to the last minute.
  • Don’t just post one every blue moon. Be consistent, a study from Hubspot found that 15 posts per month means 5 times more traffic to your site.

How to Blog

  • Make it useful and not a blog for blog’s sake. People will continue reading as long as it is valuable to them; think about how you are solving a problem.
  • Make it simple to read. Short sentences. Bullet points. No technical jargon.
  • Research your subject carefully and make it informative. Become a reliable resource to your readers and they will come back.
  • Plan ahead so that nothing is last minute. Think about common questions your clients ask and answer them. These questions should be your blog title. Remember your SEO!
  • Develop a personality. Don’t be afraid of appearing more human; be more wary of sounding corporate.
  • Don’t make it too long and make it easy on the eye.
  • If writing is not your thing, find the right person within the company who could take it on. If you’re stuck, outsource.
  • Or try guest-blogging. Find a blogger related to your product/service. It could work for both of you.

It may feel like a challenge but engaging with your clients is key to success so get your blogging shoes on and get started.