• Conversational Copywriting To Communicate

    Posted on 05/05/23

    —Or Write Like You Talk   ‘Do you know something?’ ‘Well, I know many things, but –’ ‘Okay, I mean, do you know that conversational copywriting can be very useful for your business? How’s that?’ ‘What are you talking about?’   ‘Thanks; let’s do this! Let me explain conversational copywriting!’ ‘But… I didn’t –’   […]


    Posted on 10/03/23

    OR TRANSLATING SUBTITLES – DUBBING – VOICEOVER OR SOME-MAY-THINK-CRAZY CRITERIA WHEN TRANSLATING FOR ENTERTAINMENT The entertainment industry translation needs a specific method with various particularities to consider, and the key is that language is used to be said and not to be read. In this situation, we can find two scenarios in which we: Receive […]

  • Marketing y traducción sanitaria con Pablo Panella

    Posted on 16/04/20

    Conversamos sobre marketing y traducción sanitaria con Pablo Panella  “Los avances tecnológicos moldean un paciente más comprometido y empoderado”  En cuanto a marketing y traducción sanitaria, Pablo Panella, vicepresidente senior de AstraZeneca para Europa occidental y mediterránea: comparte con SIGNEWORDS su experiencia en el mundo de las ciencias de la salud y nos explica cómo […]

  • How to translate English to Spanish in 5 tips | Watch video 🎬

    Posted on 07/04/20

    Translate English to Spanish in 5 tips! 1st tip on how to translate English to Spanish: the form of address and the Spanish variant Like any other translation, in our 5 tips on how to translate English to Spanish, the first step is to identify the target audience. We want to translate into Spanish, but […]

  • Multilingual communications boost business

    Posted on 26/03/20

    Check out how multilingual communications boost business Breaking down cultural barriers is essential to expanding your client base in the globalized world —being mindful that multilingual communications boost business. Are you looking to take your company to new heights in 2020? Note that multilingual communications boost business and start growing! ➤ It’s no secret that […]

  • Travel and tourism translation

    Posted on 27/02/20

    Travel and tourism translation services Globalization has made travel and tourism more accessible, and travel and tourism translation more necessary than ever. It’s never been easier to hop on a plane and be halfway around the world in a few hours. A trip, by nature, involves the intermingling of cultures, and this industry reaches out […]