• Web application internationalization practices

    Posted on 03/12/18

    The world is at your fingertips. With a smart phone or a web browser you can reach the farthest corners of the globe. And the farthest corners of the globe can now reach your web based application. Globalization When this globalization took off, many expected American cultural domination. Judging from their lack of proper web […]

  • Google Buds → translation analysis

    Posted on 29/01/18

    When Google’s Pixel Buds launched, it appeared amid a blizzard of publicity. They were of particular interest to the translation industry due to the inclusion of Google’s voice-activated smart assistant that, in theory at least, pairs with the Google Translate smartphone app to provide real-time translation in 40 different languages. Now that we’re four months down […]

  • Loanwords and loan translations

    Posted on 22/01/18

    What are loanwords and loan translations or calques Have you ever wished somebody ‘bon appétit’? Then maybe you want to read more about loanwords and loan translations. Or have you ever bad-mouthed, anyone? Then loanwords and loan translations are for you. Maybe you have felt a pang of schadenfreude at another’s a misfortune?. Oh, I […]

  • Interpreters vs translators skills

    Posted on 11/01/18

    ‘Oh, you’re a translator? How fascinating! I’d love to be able to understand what people are saying when they speak in a different language!’ Consider this claim and explore with us interpreters vs translators skills All translators and interpreters have heard this statement, or something to this effect, at least once in their life. But, […]

  • WordPress plugins for multilingual websites

    Posted on 05/12/17

    WordPress is free and open-source software, first released in 2003, that currently powers more than 27% of websites around the world. An entire industry has grown up around it thanks to its convenience, stability and scalability. Among the most important of its design features are the use of plugins, which enable users to enhance and […]

  • The 5 best Amazon books on communication

    Posted on 30/10/17

    With so many self-proclaimed experts out there, it’s hard to find the 5 best Amazon books on communication We’ll show here some genuinely useful advice contained in these 5 best Amazon books on communication for companies.  When it comes to establishing and managing your company communication strategy. ➤ Worry not – we’ve saved you the […]