• How To Sell Abroad If You Don’t Know The Language

    Posted on 22/06/17

    Once established in your national market and sales are ticking over nicely, the natural step forward is to break through boundaries and go international. Whatever the product, there is normally a market to be found abroad. If you are operating in Spanish or in English then the initial steps to globalisation are covered. However, nudging […]

  • The importance of accurate legal translations when selling/buying a home abroad

    Posted on 26/05/17

    As it is increasingly easy to move around the world, more and more people decide to live and work in other countries, and/or to own property there. They may plan to move overseas after retirement, or would want to invest in real estate while it is cheap, or simply want to own a place in […]

  • Translation costs: Different price models in the translation industry

    Posted on 23/05/17

    According to an ancient myth recorded in the Bible, descendents of the survivors of the Great Flood decided to build a tower so tall that it could reach the heaven. God, unhappy with such inappropriate ambitions, intervened by mixing languages of the builders so that they became unable to communicate with each other, abandoned construction […]

  • Video game localization, including support service

    Posted on 15/05/17

    During the last few decades, video games have become one of the most visible aspects of the new globalized culture, attracting millions of passionate fans who closely follow the development of their favorite titles. As computer and video games have rocketed to global popularity, new subcultures have formed around video game playing, having had a […]

  • Essential aspects to take into account when translating a multilingual website

    Posted on 14/02/17

    Are you thinking about providing your website in different languages? It seems easy, no? Duplicate all of the context and translate them into another language. However, this process involves a lot trickier issues than you would expect. In order to create a multilingual website—especially if you aim to reach clients that speak languages very different […]

  • The future of online translators and automatic translation

    Posted on 16/01/17

    Internet has become an essential part of our everyday life. As we follow faraway political developments that may still strongly influence our security or prosperity; or, alternatively, look for profitable investment opportunities in foreign lands – presented in incomprehensible languages, we increasing turn to online automated translation to somehow understand what it is all about. […]