• The Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages

    Posted on 12/02/16

    Have you ever thought about the benefits of learning foreign languages? Have you been turned away from a job due to your insufficient language level? Have you travelled to another foreign country and just about managed to get by using non-verbal language and four words of English? Don’t be shy, learn languages! Don’t be afraid […]

  • Spanish on social networks

    Posted on 27/01/16

    In 2014 a report named “Spanish: A Living Language” (Español: una lengua viva) was published by the Instituto Cervantes. The institution, directed by Víctor García de la Concha, is the leading representative body for Spanish at a national and international level. The report stated that Spanish is the third most used language on the Internet […]

  • How do we communicate beyond words?

    Posted on 15/01/16

    The communicative situation is fundamental when it comes to transmitting information however non-verbal information also plays a very important role. Along with linguistic and situational information, it helps us to create our message. Poyatos (1994) divides these non-verbal aspects into four main categories: proxemics, kinesics, cronemics and paraverbal messages. Proxemics: Space In American society, people […]

  • Cultural Translation

    Posted on 04/01/16

    Cultural Translation: an approach Translation can be defined as an activity, historically defined as an art, involving the transfer of a source language (L1) into a target language (L2), which is also framed within a different culture that conditions it. Translation goes further than crossing between languages, it also crosses cultures. Therefore, cultural reference points […]

  • How do we communicate effectively?

    Posted on 24/12/15

    How do we communicate effectively? Let us think about the capacity of human beings to communicate with one another. As social beings, we relate to others through language and non-verbal signs which at times, are able to replace verbal statements. However, how do we manage to interpret the mental representations that others want to convey? […]

  • The New Age of Picture Research

    Posted on 09/03/15

    Finding that perfect image for your blog post, magazine article, newsletter can be a pain. It’s not as easy as ‘just taking it off the internet’. A photograph is owned, it is someone’s intellectual property and in some cases it is their living. So images are not really free to use. For years, the likes […]