• Legal translations for households trades

    Posted on 26/05/17

    Ever-increasingly, people decide to live and work in other countries and own properties abroad They might plan to move overseas after retirement or want to invest in real estate while it is cheap, or simply want to own a place in a foreign country that they fancy. Over the past decade, buying and selling home […]

  • Translation services costs

    Posted on 23/05/17

    Several factors intervene in determining translation services costs While translations were considered just a kind of technical support for other more important activities, it has been determined that high-quality translation is more of an art. According to an ancient myth recorded in the Bible, descendants of the survivors of the Great Flood decided to build […]

  • Videogame localization service

    Posted on 15/05/17

    Essentially global nature of the game industry requires producers to pay increasing attention to a good videogame localization service intended for internalization. A videogame localization service implies adapting game applications and related document content to meet the language, culture, and other drivers of a specific local market, called “locales.” During the last few decades, video […]

  • Online translators and automatic translation

    Posted on 16/01/17

    The future of online translators and automatic translation The Internet has become an essential part of our everyday life: As we follow faraway political developments that may still strongly influence our security or prosperity. Or as we look for profitable investment opportunities in foreign lands –presented in incomprehensible languages–. ⤷ We increasingly turn to online […]

  • Local markets’ cultural differences

    Posted on 27/12/16

    International companies have a particular interest in local markets’ cultural differences When a company intends to move beyond its domestic market, then local markets’ cultural differences come out Their international expansion offers access to massive customer bases and, therefore, rapid growth. For such a move, it is of vital importance to take into account: cultural […]

  • false-friend

    Translation errors causing trouble

    Posted on 05/12/16

    Check out why it is vital to avoid translation errors! On the cold November evening of 1956, speaking at the Polish embassy in Moscow, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev addressed western diplomats, translated literally into English by Khrushchev’s interpreter: “…Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!” The obvious […]