• Social media visual approach

    Posted on 20/02/15

    Consider how many infographics you’ve seen recently, look at the #nofilterrequired backlash, and what about Getty Images’ new approach to sharing? It is clear that visual marketing is a major player in the social media world. No longer can we rely solely on wordy posts or clever status updates and you can forget about tweeting […]

  • Why Should You Blog?

    Posted on 12/02/15

    Content Marketing, once considered a bit of a fad, is here to stay. Publishing your own content will help drive potential customers, fans, supporters, friends and everyone else to your site. You may well have all the social media channels known to man, but if you don’t have fresh and unique content to feed through […]

  • Mediterranean townhouse living analysis

    Posted on 11/09/14

    As an expat the lure of the Mediterranean sea is a huge factor when selecting your place in the sun. Isn’t that what a move to Mallorca is all about? But consider this, while a port town can be idyllic in the spring, summer and even autumn months, it can change dramatically in winter. After […]

  • The reality about newspapers

    Posted on 24/04/14

    Do you think that printed newspapers will disappear? Then, you must read this article. Recent studies have shown that newspapers are the media in which society most trusts. Indeed, every day 14,4 million of people do read a newspaper in Spain. This datum shows that newspapers are not minority and that they take an important […]

  • All about the telegraph

    Posted on 23/04/14

    If somebody talks to you about the telegraph, maybe you think about prehistory. But the telegraph has been the origin of many improvements (both ideological and material) of today’s society, although many of us did not know about that. Thus, as James Carey has analised in his studies, the telegraph can be considered the origin […]

  • Do we have to pay?

    Posted on 19/04/14

    One of the most controversial topics dealing with digital newspapers is whether readers should pay for reading an online edition. Most people are used to visit web pages that are free. But should not they pay when the printed edition is not free? Is not this an incongruity? Free online newspapers are an important problem […]