• Phatic culture and the Media

    Posted on 16/07/12

    Vincent Miller has studied how the role of information has changed in recent times. In the past public data was part of private discussion, but nowadays the situation has changed: private information is being discussed at a public level. Thus, Miller has focused on the phatic culture. That is, how irrelevant information has become important. […]

  • It’s all about communication

    Posted on 08/07/12

    → COMMUNICATION FOR YOUR BUSINESS: WEB: We keep your blogs to your website to be competitive, we optimize your texts in order to reach a good position in search engines. MEDIA: We are your press office, we come in contact with the media through notes, press releases and news related to your activity. This service also includes press conferences. You want us to explain how easy it is to hire it? Contact us! […]

  • Want to join the team?

    Posted on 08/07/12

    Want to join the team? Contact us and we’ll talk with you TEAM Signe Words team consists of professionals specialized in each of the services we offer. Native speakers produce or edit all translations in the target language.  We express ourselves in line with this century, we are up to date, openminded and we have our eyes open. Team manager Maria Rotger Fuster: Law Bachelor Degree / Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Translation / Formed in creative […]

  • Journalist, an essential but undervalued profession

    Posted on 08/07/12

    Three years ago I decided to study journalism. Believe me, I did. Although it is an underestimated profession, I swear I did. Strangely enough, nowadays society thinks that reporters are not necessary. That whoever who has a camera or a computer can write about what happens around him and that intermediaries should disappear. That’s the […]

  • Good morning! New projects this week.

    Posted on 15/11/11

    Good morning! New projects this week. That’s what we like! And we love our old ones too, of course!!