• Why Should You Blog?

    Posted on 12/02/15

    Content Marketing, once considered a bit of a fad, is here to stay. Publishing your own content will help drive potential customers, fans, supporters, friends and everyone else to your site. You may well have all the social media channels known to man, but if you don’t have fresh and unique content to feed through […]

  • Transmedia in contemporary news work

    Posted on 19/02/14

    This is the title of one of the many studies that Pablo Boczkowski has written all along his career. He assures that, although nowadays we have a very efficient tool that should provide the media much more variety (the World Wide Web), what really happens is that there is an incipient and increasing homogeneity in […]

  • How to attract your audience

    Posted on 25/06/13

    James Curran is one of the many scholars who have dared to explain how journalism of the future will be. For him, citizen journalism is the key for this profession, so that anonymous people will create journalistic content. As we have said in other posts, it is necessary to leave this job to professionals who […]

  • History of journalism review

    Posted on 26/04/13

    As we know, journalism is suffering a double crisis: both economic and systematic. But it seems that there is a solution for the second one. Or this is, at least, what Debra Reddin thinks. This professor at Augusta University believes that nineteenth century journalism would be useful for today’s journalism. For her, the journalistic model […]