Why age is your beauty ally?

Why age is your beauty ally When we talk about feeling beautiful, age is your beauty ally. We often associate feeling beautiful with feeling young, as if beauty and youth were two sides of the same coin. But the direct link between beauty and youth doesn’t exist anymore. It is just the opposite: as you … – Continue reading “Why age is your beauty ally?”

Beauty rituals on the beach

Learn some beauty rituals on the beach As you know, I like to highlight the enjoyable side of looking after yourself, and beauty rituals on the beach are perfect to accomplish it.  If you don’t enjoy it, you either stop doing it altogether or zip through it grudgingly, and the results are never as good. … – Continue reading “Beauty rituals on the beach”

What’s behind the #nomakeup movement?

Find out what’s behind the #nomakeup movement Behind the #nomakeup movement, there’s something more than the #NoMakeupChallenge There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup, and nothing wrong behind the #nomakeup movement. There are times when it’s better to wear makeup than not. And there’s nothing wrong with not wearing makeup either, even when you are expected … – Continue reading “What’s behind the #nomakeup movement?”

Healthy meals for busy people

Enjoy this useful range of healthy meals for busy people This post on healthy meals for busy people aims at all of you: ↳ busy people for whom time is a limited resource. Like me, you want to look after yourself and feel good; but at the same time, you want to enjoy good food, … – Continue reading “Healthy meals for busy people”


HISTORY OF COSMETICS FROM PREHISTORY TO NOWADAYS Let’s take a look at the history of cosmetics, to understand the main objective of personal care better: To reach authenticity COSMETICS IN PREHISTORY We can trace the use of cosmetics as far back as prehistory when people were already grooming themselves for the celebration of funerals and … – Continue reading “HISTORY OF COSMETICS”


HISTÒRIA DE LA COSMÈTICA DES DE LA PREHISTÒRIA FINS A L’ACTUALITAT Vegem la història de la cosmètica, per d’aquesta forma, entendre millor l’objectiu principal de la cura personal: Assolir l’autenticitat COSMÉTICA A LA PREHISTORIA Ens remuntam fins a la prehistòria per analitzar com ja s’empolainaven per a la celebració d’alguns actes com rituals o funerals. … – Continue reading “HISTÒRIA DE LA COSMÈTICA”


Para comprar cosmética, como para comprar cada vez más productos, no es necesario acudir físicamente a algún establecimiento, sino que hace tiempo que podemos hacerlo por internet. La cuestión es si, en este caso concreto, es aconsejable realizar las compras online o si realmente sería mejor desplazarnos para ver, tocar y oler, además de que … – Continue reading “COMPRAR COSMÉTICOS ONLINE”

Slow movement and cosmetics

Slow movement and cosmetics analysis As we show here, slow movement and cosmetics are related. This philosophy explores formulas for living without the usual hustle and bustle of our current lifestyles and offers its followers or enthusiasts options to do less more calmly. It involves living slowly and calmly, without rushing, without wanting to do … – Continue reading “Slow movement and cosmetics”

The aroma and fine cosmetics

The aroma and fine cosmetics relation can be crucial for some skin types. Odors leave their mark on the memory and the subconscious, and that’s one reason why the aroma and fine cosmetics are linked. Your body releases endorphins when you detect an odor that pleases you, so products that incorporate fragrances generate positive sensations … – Continue reading “The aroma and fine cosmetics”

Gaze and eye contour

Gaze and eye contour treatments in your mindful personal care Among the cosmetics that we use daily, gaze and eye contour treatments are among those that we could wrongfully consider as dispensable; but is that the case, or is it a false belief? Today I want to talk about the convenience of frequently using treatments … – Continue reading “Gaze and eye contour”