How to improve your communication skills

What’s communication and how to improve your communication skills? Communication is the act of transferring information from one place to another. How to improve your communication skills? We achieve it through four different means: written: letters and emails non-verbal: body language and gestures visual: graphs and maps and verbal communication: speaking Verbal communication Verbal communication … – Continue reading “How to improve your communication skills”

Gaze and eye contour

Gaze and eye contour treatments in your mindful personal care Among the cosmetics that we use daily, gaze and eye contour treatments are among those that we could wrongfully consider as dispensable; but is that the case, or is it a false belief? Today I want to talk about the convenience of frequently using treatments … – Continue reading “Gaze and eye contour”

Hydration as skin-care essence

Keep track of hydration as a skincare essence. Water is an essential word in the vocabulary of bodily health, and that’s the main reason for hydration as a skincare essence. This fundamental element is a significant component of the human body, and your skin is approximately 70% water. Standard water transmission is essential for the … – Continue reading “Hydration as skin-care essence”