Changing habits can be the first step when you decide to start following a daily facial cleansing routine.

If we are not used to following a daily routine then the time might have come to do so, but much like any good intention, it will not be successful until we are convinced for ourselves that it is what we want to do.

But what do we want? First of all you need to ask yourself what you expect from your complexion and based on that is how we subsequently act. In this blog I talk about natural beauty, that is why when we are realistic and start to take steps to obtain healthy skin, with a good touch of colour and a natural glow, and which little by little we solve any of the possible concerns that we might have about our skin, we first need to be applying a routine for good hygiene. Almost professional or professional. The fact is that how we cleanse our skin and what we apply to it is the first step in our personal care journey. And it is a completely basic step.


It is a way that we behave that we acquire by repeating actions that are either the same or similar, although habits can also derive from instinctive inclinations. The result is actions that we carry out automatically and without thinking.

We acquire some habits naturally, depending on our fundamental circumstances. However, others should be demanded of ourselves in a personal self-imposed manner, always understood as being carried out positively, given that we are talking about health and the quest for wellbeing, therefore any demand that we make of ourselves in this sense will end up becoming a pleasure.

Starting a new habit that is something that we have chosen ourselves and that has arisen naturally requires a certain effort on our behalf, however it is well worthwhile and this should be our main motivation, because in addition to what I have already mentioned, in the end what starts out as a demand ends up becoming a great pleasure. This is because looking after yourself is a satisfaction and it is our objective that it feels like this. We are going to live our whole lives in our bodies, so the more that we love them, the better we will feel. And only we can decide whether or not we decide to create good habits, by making the initial effort as a result of our willpower. And from then on, consistency does the rest, because as soon as we lose any motivation, just continuing despite our loss of motivation is when we know that we will see results. Any process that is worthwhile requires commitment and perseverance.




  • Before going to bed, we follow a cleansing routine with whichever product that works best for us: soap, micellar water or cleansing milk for the face. Then we apply the treatments that we need.
  • In the morning, before applying moisturiser and sun protection, we should wipe our faces with cotton wool soaked in micellar water or a toner of our choice.

Our night time cleansing routine might be more thorough than what we do in the morning, because our skin regenerates overnight and needs more attention. This is also because our skin gets dirty over the course of the day due to the lack of protection that we subject it to. The majority of our bodies are covered with clothes and are better protected as a result, but our faces aren’t, so night time is when we have accumulated the most amount of impurities.


  • Once a week: softly exfoliate at home.
  • Once a month or more, depending on each person’s needs: go to a beauty salon to have a professional facial treatment.
  • Only touch your face when it is completely necessary and having first washed and disinfected your hands.


Apart from the matters that are directly related with how we treat our skin and how we do our cleansing routines, there are other internal factors that help our skin to be completely clean:

  • Eat and drink as healthily as possible and consume foods that contribute to your health
  • Relax and breathe properly
  • Ensure that we detoxify our bodies properly

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