Among the cosmetics that we use daily, treatments for the eye contour area are some of the ones that we could wrongfully consider as dispensable; but is that really the case or is it a false belief? Today I want to talk about the convenience of frequently using treatments for the eye contour area, as part of our daily face care routine.

We find numerous product offers on the market to care for the skin around the eyes and each one offers different solutions to possible problems in this area, which is the most fragile and thinnest skin on the face. Whatever the option is that interests us the most, we should highlight the importance of looking after the skin around our eyes, given that it is part of the face and bestows us with an attractive gaze, which is one of the keys to natural and real beauty.



This skin is very sensitive and requires special care, due to its delicacy and thinness as we’ve already mentioned. That is why it is the first area where we notice the appearance of signs of tiredness and dehydration, as well as dark circles, wrinkles and puffy bags. The reason for this is that both tiredness and ageing slow down lymphatic and blood microcirculation of the eye contour area, causing deficiencies in lymphatic drainage and vascularisation. This means that there is a stagnation of liquids and that not only will the health of this area benefit from the products that we apply, but also from the fact that we apply products in the first place and the massage involved, which both help to clear it.

In addition to these factors, we need to take into account that the skin of the eye contour area suffers from:

  • A lack of elastin, collagen and sebaceous glands
  • A continual movement of its 22 muscles with blinking



Our gaze does not just involve observation or vision, but also expression. With our gaze we show our inner self and convey it to whomever we establish visual contact with. Our most authentic beauty is shown through our gaze and our eyes are how we achieve this. That is why taking care of our eyes is one of the most important parts of self-care, because with our eyes we are going to reflect our own true beauty.


As we have mentioned, there is a large variety of products and treatments with different components. Here is a list of the type of eye contour treatments that we can look for and find, for individual and combined purposes, and which can be described in different ways depending on the manufacturer:


  • corrector for sagging lids or firming of lids
  • attenuator, attenuating or anti-under eye circles around the eyes, corrector for dark circles or shadows, clearing, anti-pigment or anti-blemish
  • reducing imperfections
  • reducing sagging
  • prevents symptoms of ageing
  • corrector of imperfections
  • illuminating or glowing effect
  • lifting effect or protection against the loss of elasticity
  • smoothing effect
  • decongestant effect
  • soothing or calming effect
  • refreshing effect
  • reduces signs of fatigue or eliminates fatigue around the eyes
  • collagen treatment
  • draining treatment
  • anti-oxidant treatment
  • detoxifying treatment
  • calming treatment
  • nutritional treatment
  • anti-ageing treatment or rejuvenating
  • stimulating treatment for eye contour area
  • densifier or redensifier treatment
  • repairing or regenerating treatment
  • toning treatment
  • preventive treatment or calming treatment for irritations
  • sensitivity treatment
  • skin smoothing treatment for eye contour area
  • moisturising, re-moisturising or anti-drying balm
  • treatment for sensitive eyes and eyelashes
  • preventive or anti-ageing treatment, wrinkle filling or reducing treatment, reduces crow’s feet, expression lines or signs of ageing
  • skin firming treatment or reduces muscular spasms or firming action
  • colour corrector or pencil corrector
  • serum for eyes and eyelashes
  • reactivates microcirculation
  • make-up remover lotion or eye contour area hygiene
  • exfoliant for eye contour area
  • sun protection or anti-photo ageing for eye contour area

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