On occasions when you are going out at night and you don’t want to wear make-up, you also don’t know a lot of the time which cream or product to use. It’s still early in the evening to use our normal treatments for before bed, which are specifically for use before sleeping when our skin is going to rest and you no longer need to go out. On the other hand, it’s late in the day to use our normal day cream, which are for use in the morning when you get up and start the day, which a lot of the time also include sun protection.

So, what are the options? There is a beauty secret we can use in these cases. There is nothing wrong with repeating the use of your day or night cream of course, if it isn’t very oily in texture, but there is an ideal, specific solution called complexion illuminators or beauty flash balms.


A few days ago I went to a concert of the double bass player Aishai Cohen, which was performed with the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands. This was just the sort of situation that I have just described, as it was a relaxed and short night out, so I knew straight away what my best option was. In this case I used Clarins Beauty Flash.


I didn’t want to wear make-up, but I did want my skin to be perfect and glowing, so I used it and felt really comfortable, as well as feeling pretty and elegant for the occasion, without needing to use make-up. I complemented this with a little black eyeliner and mascara on my eyes and a little gloss on my lips, and I was ready to go!

This balm is also perfect for skins that are stressed or tired, as it enhances the natural brightness of your complexion, while hydrating and firming the facial contour. According to Clarins, “it gives the skin a rested and relaxed look. Extracts of olive and imperata in this personal care product help to smooth the skin’s surface.”

Focusing on the extract of olive, it is worth highlighting that it promotes the increase in energy and healthy blood pressure, it is astringent, antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant and calming, among multiple other properties. It is a magnificent product for use in cosmetics and I love it.

When I got home I cleaned my skin with a very fast and simple routine, because I had showered just before going out and only a few hours had passed since then until I got home from going out for something after the theatre. So I just used facial cotton wool with micellar water, then I applied my night antioxidant oil and went to bed. You will soon see how once you are confident about your skin and you analyse it and look after it in such a continuous and thorough way, you will know when it needs thorough cleansing or when it is sufficient to just give it a quicker clean. Using your intuition is the best way to know what you need in cases like this.

While it is a fast routine on occasions like this, you know that you should avoid going to sleep without having properly cleansed your complexion. It is the first rule to always having a perfect complexion.

I hope this helps you on your nights out!

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