Caring for your skin is more than just a simple routine, it’s a vital decision. A lifestyle choice. An essential principle that drives you towards a way of life.

This way of thinking can make your body and mind anchors for an authentic inner happiness that is not imposed or forced. You think about yourself, you have moments just for yourself, and you look in the mirror, you apply soaps, cosmetics, perfumes. These moments are what make your eyes the path to your inner self.



A good cleansing and personal care routine is more than health and beauty, in fact it is much more, because the real meaning of personal care is showing love for yourself. You might start to love yourself and therefore start to take care of yourself, but it is very important to determine that if you are unsure if you love yourself or you actually think that you don’t love yourself, a good path for discovering it or doing this is by starting to care for yourself.


My name is Maria Rotger and I want to share my personal experience with you about the world of cosmetics in general and talk to you about fragrances, soaps, creams, oils and other products, which I consider to be indispensable in body care by means of sport and diet. My great devotion to teas and herbal infusions complete my daily nutrition.

The reason why I started to look after myself with a daily routine by means of cosmetics is not very clear, as it was the result of pure intuition that I simply followed in a natural way. I was about fifteen years old and due to an influence that I don’t remember, or a thought that came to me by chance, I decided that looking after my skin would be something fundamental in my everyday life. However, it is never too late to start and the effects will always be positive, so whatever your age is when you decide to start to take care of yourself as a vital routine, the decision is welcome. So carry on, because the benefits will be evident at any time. And there is no turning back when it comes to wellbeing, once we have started to take care of ourselves and respect ourselves. It’s about respecting ourselves, which, undoubtedly, is an important decision.

We start this journey for natural beauty and an inner search, which is what it is really about: that the interior and exterior, the body and mind, are mutually reflected as an inseparable whole, which is what they are.


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