Hydration as skin-care essence

Keep track of hydration as a skincare essence.

Hydration as skin-care essence - Signewords blogs

Water is an essential word in the vocabulary of bodily health, and that’s the main reason for hydration as a skincare essence.

This fundamental element is a significant component of the human body, and your skin is approximately 70% water.

Standard water transmission is essential for the epidermis to function as it should.

We lose water every day and need to use food and drink to rehydrate and restore the moisture balance.

If we don’t, we can become dehydrated.

This water loss means that every skin type needs to moisturize, for the simple reason that we are human.

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin makes no difference: we all have a human body, and we can all become dehydrated.

Different moisturizers suit different skin types.

  1. Oily skins hydrate better using a fluid cream with matte-effect ingredients,
  2. while drier skins benefit from more productive, more buttery-textured moisturizing creams.

First moisturize, then treat

All this underlines the importance of hydrating the skin before trying to treat a problem or resolve any other issue:

your skin must first be well-hydrated.

With well-hydrated, healthy skin as the foundation, we can go on to use specifically-targeted products to treat:

  • wrinkles,
  • loss of firmness,
  • discolored patches,
  • acne,
  • and other skin concerns.

These vary from person to person, but well-hydrated skin is more responsive to treatment, and skin that is well-hydrated daily is healthy skin with the right color and glowing, natural beauty.

Supplements to moisturizers

In addition to using a moisturizing cream, with or without specifically-targeted ingredients, it is essential to take care of yourself as a whole.

Maintaining healthy skin means hydration from within.

It’s simple, and there are no secrets:

  • Eat healthy, natural foods.
  • Drink water
  • Personal recommendation: drink teas and herbal infusions

And on the outside, use a moisturizer that suits you and combine it with hydrating oils and serums.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is indispensable for skincare and treatment of skin issues.

It has a significant regenerative effect on the cells of the dermis, in addition to containing vital vitamins, oils, and essential acids.

aloe-vera regenerative effect - Signewords blogs

For those of us who like to take care of our skin, products containing aloe vera are a sound option.

And if we make a habit of choosing skincare products containing aloe vera, we can even refine the appearance of wrinkles.

Not eliminate them, just make them appear softer and more delicate – in line with the natural beauty philosophy of this blog.

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