The ability that humans have to turn reasoning into something instinctive. When we are intuitive, we don’t reason, but rather we act and feel without stopping to think about it, we just let things happen.

In the case of personal care, intuition becomes an important part of the process, as it allows us to perceive the true needs of our skin. In fact, I wanted to share with you what a dermatologist once said to me when I had some doubts about facial care. She said that in most aspects of my routine, I myself and nobody else should choose what to do and decide what was best for my skin. The reason why was very logical, common sense even. Only you live with your skin each day, so there is nobody better to know what is best for you. However, to be conscious of this, you should learn to listen to yourself properly and your inner self.

Nowadays, beauty trends are geared towards the defence of natural beauty. And to be able to reach this inner and intimate source of knowledge that helps us to radiate such authenticity, we should listen very closely to what our intuition tells us.

The ideas that derive from our intuition appear to us to be evident and common sense. A person that lets their intuition flow feels like they should do something or not, but the majority of times they can’t explain the reason why they feel so certain about something.

Intuition is intimate and instantaneous and is what nurtures our essence, what we have experienced and seen in life and what we know, the knowledge that we keep locked away in our subconscious.

When we talk about natural beauty tips, which is the basis of what I want this blog to be about, we need to take our inner self into account, which is reflected in the most visible exterior. Our skin, the brightness of our eyes or our expressions is what shapes our real and true beauty. To help it to surface, we need to resort to our deepest, hidden thoughts; thoughts that we don’t show others and that we keep hidden without knowing that they are there.


There are cosmetic manufacturers for skin care, both for facial and body care products, which strive to uphold this philosophy of looking for something more. For me, Alqvimia is one of these brands, with which you will find products that enable you to go one step further in terms of caring for the health of your skin. This is because in addition they manufacture cosmetics that are completely natural, without animal testing and based on concepts like love, femininity and financial humanisation, which are principles that perfectly represent the idea of natural and real beauty that we share in this blog.

This very company clearly explains that “Alquimia is the union between mystical knowledge and experimental scientific method. Science and spirituality come together”.

I would love to be able to share some of the analysis from articles on this cosmetic brand with you, and I think that a good starting point would be to introduce you to their Queen of Egypt Body Oil, paraben free, free of mineral oils, sulphates or synthetic fragrances and that I recommend for use after a shower to be completely anointed all over the body. If you want to obtain a luminous skin, which emanates a certain magic and has an exquisite aroma, this magnificent body oil will give you personal balance and confidence in yourself.

Take care of yourself and let yourself be cared for.


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