Transcreation for international audiences

SIGNEWORDS is also a transcreation agency. What do we do?

Signewords transcreation for international audiences

We can also refer to transcreation for international audiences as:

  • creative translation
  • cross-market copywriting

Transcreation for international audiences is a relatively new service that has become increasingly popular over the past decade,

particularly amongst advertising and marketing projects targeting cross-cultural and international audiences, included in our marketing translation service.

Translation creativity for an excellent transcreation service

The term ‘transcreation’ combines translation and creativity.

It consists of taking a given text in the source language and using the content of the source as inspiration for the creation of a brand-new version in the target language.

Therefore, this adaptation translation considers the emotional intention of the message rather than the structure of the word itself.

In other words, we must remain faithful to the source text in terms of:

Signewords creative translations

  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • syntax
  • idiom

But this analysis is less critical than replicating the same emotional response in the target readers.

We achieve this result with content creation that focusses on:

  • the target culture
  • linguistic variations
  • sense of humor
  • the religion factor
  • geographical contexts

Transcreation service for international and transcultural audiences

Signewords transcultural services

This transcreation service is particularly useful for companies that need to create and devise:

  • businesses slogans
  • advertising campaigns
  • branding concepts
  • product and services names in the languages of the countries they target

Due to its SEO translation condition.

The companies that generally request transcreation aim to sell products or services. To do so; they must:

  • attract consumers
  • appealing to their emotions

Failure to connect will fail to sell, and thus to achieve the company’s global market strategy.

Our team of international translators and transcreators

translate market strategy with Signewords

At SIGNEWORDS, we only work with translators and copywriters with an excellent understanding of both:

  • the source and
  • the target

languages and cultures, living in any country.

We screen and vet all our resources work while liaising with them and the client regularly throughout the transcreation process

to ensure we create the best product tailored to the project’s specific needs.

Translation localization service link with transcreation for international audiences

Anyway, we shouldn’t confuse transcreation with translation localization, another buzz word in the translation industry.

Indeed, the terminology can be confusing, and people often believe the two overlap, but while:

What does localize stand for, and how does it relate to transcreation for international audiences?

➤ Localization is the process of culturally adapting a product or a service.

Signewords transcreation for transcultural audiences

For instance:

And an excellent example of this kind of adaptation is the popular cartoon show ‘The Simpsons,’ localized into many languages.

See how in its original American-English version, Homer Simpson, the father in the family, is known for his love of food and alcohol.

Thus, Muslim-religious countries substituted all references to beer and pork with soda and other meat, in deference to the target viewers.

➤ Transcreation, on the other hand, blends language with culture and emotions, adding a layer of creativity.

And that’s why transcreation implies marketing translation.

Some examples:

  • In film titles like the 2007 film Knocked Up, which they translated as ‘Ligeramente embarazada’ (lit. ‘Slightly Pregnant’) in Catholic Peru, but as 弊傢伙…搞大咗 (lit. ‘One Night, Big Belly’) in Communist China.

Signewords transcreation for cultural translation

It was, therefore, creatively tailored to these target audience’s attributes:

    • language
    • culture
    • emotions

⤷ In conclusion, they dissuaded movie-goers from buying tickets, thinking that it sounded more like a chick-flick or a slapstick rom-com than the complex, dark, layered drama that it is. Sometimes transcriptions are conducted poorly!

This single example highlights the importance of putting your transcreation for international audiences projects in the hands of experts ✎

At SIGNEWORDS, make up our team only native speakers who:

  • know the culture of their source and target countries inside out
  • can convey the same emotional intention of the source text to its target audience

Would you like to receive a solid proposal for your transcreation project?