Academic translation and edition

Academic translation and edition services

SIGNEWORDS academic translation and edition services provide the expertise you need to excel in this environment.

Signewords academic translation and edition

The types of texts labeled as academic are very diverse:

  • investigational studies
  • Master’s/Ph.D. theses
  • textbooks
  • CVs
  • cover letters
  • portfolios
  • among many others

While it may seem that only doctoral students and university professors would need academic translation and edition, the truth is that anyone aspiring to career development can benefit from these services.

Whether you’re writing a doctoral thesis, publishing a textbook, or refining your CV, this information is for you

Globalization and translation

Translate academic content - Signewords

In a world increasingly globalized every day, translation services are in high demand.

The academic world is no exception to this trend.

Particularly in highly specialized fields of study, there is often more cross-linguistic and cross-cultural collaboration than ever before.

Perhaps you’ve written a successful textbook in your field of study and would like to publish it in another language.

↳ SIGNEWORDS academic translation and edition will help you.

These services are excellent ways to reach out to other parts of the world and make helpful resources available elsewhere.

Technical translation

Or maybe you’re a scientific investigator studying the role that a particular protein plays in the development of a specific rare disease:

Signewords scientific and technical translation

  • This field is a highly specialized niche, and the chances are that few people in your university or even in your country will be investigating the same factor as you.
  • However, there is bound to be someone somewhere in the world with a similar study focus, which provides the potential for professional collaboration.

This situation is where professional translation services become essential.

While one of the two parties may be able to adapt to the other’s language choice, you often need to translate research findings to ensure accurate communication,

especially in a field of study as delicate as science.

Academic translation and edition often fall into the technical translation category,

especially if it involves texts used in specialized fields.

Every industry has its jargon.

Signewords scientific and academic translation

Even a highly experienced native translator may not be able to translate a dissertation for a neuroscience graduate, for example, if they don’t have the necessary scientific knowledge.

Therefore, when seeking academic translation services, keep in mind that the best professional native translator:

  • will not only have a deep understanding of both the source and target languages,
  • but will also be an expert in your field of study,
  • and have a firm grasp on the specialized jargon,

in both languages.

Academic edition or review service

Even if there is no potential foreign collaboration insight, you can benefit from the academic review services that professional translation companies like SIGNEWORDS provide.

Especially if you’re publishing some sort of:

  • book,
  • thesis or
  • article,

you might want to submit your text to a translation company for review.

Our expert linguists can:

  • go through your work with a fine-toothed comb,
  • make sure that it accomplishes the objectives and criteria you specify,
  • correct any errors that may have flown under your radar,
  • and make suggestions for improvement.

Signewords native technical translators team

As with academic translation, the academic review requires a highly qualified and expert native translator in your specific field,

so make sure you seek professional translation services like those by SIGNEWORDS.

This decision can significantly increase your confidence in your work as you turn in a dissertation project or submit a book for publishing.

Career development through academic translation and edition

Some less apparent texts that fall under the academic translation category are:

  • CVs
  • cover letters
  • portfolios
  • college application letters
  • transcripts

The terms academic edition and academic translation may sound lofty. Still, in reality, anyone striving to climb the career ladder can reap the benefits of this service.

Are you thinking of studying abroad in France for a semester?

You may need a document translation service to translate to French your transcripts and letter of intent.

Are you applying for the job of your dreams?

A translation company like SIGNEWORDS providing academic translation and edition services:

  • can improve your CV and cover letter,
  • by making sure to highlight your qualifications through the most helpful language techniques.

Is your final grade in Spanish language class riding on your final term paper?

Submit it to us for academic review and rest well, knowing that no pesky errors will ruin your chances at a passing grade.

No document is too big or too small for SIGNEWORDS.