Hospitality and travel and tourism translation

Key details in hospitality and travel and tourism translation

Hospitality and travel and tourism translation Signewords


  1. In addition to having analyzed in detail all the components of the descriptive marketing content for hospitality and travel and tourism translation
  2. We provide our specialized translation services, including other types of technical languages

To cover all the content generated by hospitality and travel companies and public tourism institutions.

This way, a fully consistent hospitality and travel and tourism translation is completed.

Because our global services and integral services are applicable to the different departments of each company or institution,

thanks to our status as linguistic services technical provider.

Hotel description, tourism and travel content

Keeping in mind that general description travel and hospitality content, in these activity sectors, is a constantly updated terminology corpus,

where the style used is a fundamental part in the projection of the business or project.

This is so, even if the project does not have a previous style guide, but is created according to its own evolution.

Bottom line, the key elements in hotel, tourist and travel description content are: VOCABULARY AND STYLE.

That’s why we have specialized glossaries and translation memories that are constantly updated, thanks to our continued analysis of the use of marketing language in the hospitality, tourism and travel sector.

Examples of projects, ranges and departments benefiting from the service:

hotel translation Signewords

  • hotel chains and hotels
  • restaurants, breakfast service and gastronomic offer
  • bartending, cafeteria, wines, cocktails and beverages
  • food and beverages general services
  • health and spa services
  • tourist information public services
  • informative brochures of activities, monuments and attractions
  • cultural and historical archives
  • tour operators
  • travel agencies
  • cruise ships
  • travel brochures

Brief terminological exposition relating hospitality and travel and tourism translation

We are up to date in the ongoing evolution of vocabulary in this field, and we keep incorporating in our glossary:

  • neologisms
  • terms
  • expressions

That certainly must be understood by all speakers, in all languages, without getting lost in translation.

In addition, we must bear in mind that much of this specific terminology is not found in dictionaries yet, given that changes are faster than linguistic regulations.

Let’s think at this point that this is like society, which always runs faster than the law, which is subsequently adapted.

Find here an excerpt from this huge lexicon, which is often NOT TRANSLATED but INCORPORATED TO the target language itself:

Hospitality vocabulary

tourism translation Signewords

  • turndown service
  • concierge
  • extended stay
  • ADR – Average Daily Rate
  • mattress run
  • adjoining rooms
  • amenity/toiletries kit
  • rewards card
  • boutique hotel
  • rooftop bar
  • private check-in
  • late check out
  • all included
  • rainshower o ducha efecto lluvia
  • room service

Gastronomy, beverages and wines vocabulary

travel translation Signewords

  • à la carte
  • appetizers
  • F&B-del inglés food and beverages
  • check on
  • cocktail
  • dessert tray
  • dressing
  • entrée
  • free refills
  • happy hour
  • side

Travel vocabulary

travel vocabulary Signewords

  • bleisure travel
  • OTA-del inglés Online Travel Agency
  • airline hub
  • doom tourism
  • ecotourism
  • volunteer  vacations or voluntourism
  • voucher

Specialized translations intended for the different departments

Translations for the following texts::

To cover services from the company, the tourism institution or the hotel company where the following texts appear:

hotel copywriting Signewords

  • contracts
  • spa services
  • health and care offer
  • restaurants, bartending and gastronomic offer

Translations and copywriting integration

We integrate translation and hotel copywriting services, in all languages, thus offering:

  • a global linguistic service
  • which maintains internal consistency in all the text published by each interested department
  • and the company or institution as a whole

For texts created by the different departments:

  • from content departments
  • to massage and spa services
  • or legal and finance departments
  • including in this section contracts and informed consents translation, in health and care services

Necessarily combining the introduction of the new texts by the same native linguists who worked on them, in the CMS or content manager of the department.

This matter is always essential to maintain optimum quality, but in case of specialized texts it is crucial.

And to this end, our multilingual communication services, exclusive to SIGNEWORDS, are the best guarantee for success in your tourist communications and travel publications.

Translation and content management for hospitality and travel and tourism translation

hotel content management Signewords

Translation service free technical management

Especially for departments that require an agile translation provider to request any combination of languages without prior notice,

being assured they will be able to order all languages of the world.

In addition, at SIGNEWORDS we carry out direct translations, always avoiding translating a translation.

Should be kept in mind that content and translation service technical management requires specialized technical knowledge,

which just a serious and qualified supplier like SIGNEWORDS can provide.

Confidentiality and privacy processing

We guarantee that sensitive and highly confidential contents or matters will be processed under professional secrecy.

In order to ensure that all texts will be processed in full confidentiality, an expert, serious and highly professional language service provider such as SIGNEWORDS is needed.

This way, we will avoid further problems, which could be serious and harm your company or the institution. A trusted provider is key to guarantee your safety in the medium and in the long term.