Healthcare field translation

Healthcare field translation services

Signewords healthcare field translation

To get the best results, just expert medical translators carry out our healthcare field translation.

Indeed, this specialized service finds its efficiency by finding the exact solution in the target language:

  • Healthcare field translation relies on a deep understanding of the concepts discussed, as well as the medical text’s specific context.
  • This insight requires an extensive research and documentation process,
  • And it turns out that only a professional translator specializing in medicine and pharmaceutical texts can execute these services flawlessly.

Ongoing updates applied to healthcare field translation

The world of medicine is continually changing, so the healthcare field translation must also keep adapting to innovations.

Also, throughout their professional lifetime, good specialist translators have to update their knowledge regularly:

  1. by dedicating time to the process of researching reliable sources,
  2. to understand the medical text they are working on.

Furthermore, translators must continually check the medical terms they select for documents in the target language,

to verify they are using the most appropriate and relevant name for each one.

Text types concerning healthcare field translation

Indeed, healthcare field translation encompasses a wide range of texts, which fulfill various functions translators must understand to transpose them into the target language correctly.

The diverse texts within this specialty include:

Signewords - Text types concerning healthcare field translation

And each one is different.

Knowing the purpose of each text is what makes it possible to verify the use of appropriate terminology and style:

  • In the case of informed consent documents for clinical trials, medical translators must use the correct terms so that any patient can understand without trouble.
  • On the other hand, a translator specialized in pharmaceutical texts must maintain the standard mandated structures and formulas used in the Summary of Product Characteristics,

for this highly-regulated type of document.

  • Translators who work on scientific and medical articles must dedicate time to understanding the concepts they cover,

especially if they broach a brand-new idea that may not address in many existing sources.

These actions mean searching for the correct terminology in parallel texts or specialized sources, in addition to adhering to article format and structure so that the journal where it will be published will accept it.

Types of disciplines linked to healthcare field translation

SIGNEWORDS team includes technical translators:

  • specializing in pharmaceutical and medical texts and
  • holding extensive experience in the field.

Our professional linguists help you ensure the quality and coherence of texts in such diverse and extensive disciplines as:

  • Cardiology
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology
  • Oncology
  • Radiology
  • Among many other specialties.

On occasion, texts hybridize two specializations. For example:

  • Medical translation and marketing translation, like pamphlets or product packaging.
  • And also medical translation combined with software translation for medical apps.

The input of professional translators who understand both fields well will produce a much higher quality product.

The risks of not hiring an excellent medical translator

Signewords medical translators team

An excellent medical translator can help you prevent serious problems and maintain your valuable reputation:

  • Because a translation error in a medical text can lead to legal issues or even put patients’ health at risk.
  • And a delay in the delivery of documentation could postpone the start of your clinical trial or the entry of your medicine onto the market,

which could, in turn, have financial consequences.

  • Medical texts also contain particularly susceptible information, such as personal or confidential data, whose privacy must be guaranteed.

Professional medical and pharmaceutical translation services:

  1. prevent these setbacks and
  2. alleviate any worries about the translation process,
  3. with the assurance that your text is in good hands.

Instead, you will be able to concentrate your efforts on contributing to advances in medicine and pharmacy.

The importance of medicine and pharmacy from a linguistics point of view

Work continues tirelessly in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals to protect our health and cure diseases.

professional translation provider like SIGNEWORDS is your ally:

  • supplying you with necessary medical and pharmaceutical translation services,
  • to help you disseminate the medical knowledge required to achieve these end goals,
  • with due precaution and professionalism.

Thanks to our work, your expertise and products will reach the rest of the world and contribute to medical advances and pharmaceutical practice while strengthening your international reputation.

General advantages of hiring professional medical and pharmaceutical translators

One of the essential characteristics of medical language is precision.

So it’s no surprise that more specialized terms are added to the language as varied disciplines evolve and designate names to discoveries.

Our professional medical and pharmaceutical translators will select the most appropriate terms to:

Signewords pharmaceutical translation

  • avoid ambiguity and
  • help the reader understand the text’s intentions in the target language
  • beyond the shadow of a doubt.

We also make sure the version is congruent.

Accurately and reliably transforming information is vital for preventing severe alterations to these sensitive contents.

SIGNEWORDS’ medical translators:

  • Are native speakers of the target language they work,
  • specializing in medical and pharmaceutical translation.

What’s more, with all our team, we ensure the delivery:

  • of texts of the highest possible quality,
  • with punctuality crucial to your business.

That’s why we at SIGNEWORDS commit to abiding by the agreed deadlines with strict punctuality.