Thesis translation and edition

Thesis translation and edition Signewords

PhD students everywhere tremble when they hear the thrilling and dreaded words thesis or dissertation

Fortunately, with the help of SIGNEWORDS thesis translation and edition services, you don’t need to panic, even when you feel that your career hinges on the success of your paper.

Whether you need a professional to translate your dissertation or simply proofread your thesis, a translation company like SIGNEWORDS will always back you up.

Thesis translation and edition services

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The academic realm is becoming an increasingly collaborative environment, often involving cross-cultural teamwork.

Gone are the days of intra-university studies.

Particularly if you are involved in specialized investigational research ➤ you will come across the opportunity to collaborate with team members across the globe with your same niche.

Let’s say you’re a biology graduate student writing a dissertation on the role that a certain enzyme plays in the development of a particular neurodegenerative disease:

  • This sort of research is highly specialized and precise ➤ so you may need to reach out to your colleagues in other parts of the world to obtain much-needed support for your research.
  • In this case, you may need to translate certain parts of your dissertation or research reports to other languages in order to facilitate communication with your team members.

Or perhaps you are completing your doctoral degree at an American university but your first language is not English:

  • You may want to submit your thesis in your first language to a translation company like SIGNEWORDS and have us translate it from scratch. This might spare you many headaches.
  • Or maybe you’ve already written it in English and just want to make sure there are no grammatical or other errors.

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A translation company like SIGNEWORDS can help with that as well, thanks to our thesis translation and edition services

Keep in mind that not just any translator will do.

You need a translator who specializes in your area of study because every academic field contains its own jargon.

A technical translator will not only be knowledgeable in the source and target languages, but will also be an expert translator in your specific study focus.

Dissertation editing and proofreading services

Maybe you don’t need to translate your thesis. Perhaps you just want a professional to look over your work, proofread your paper and offer some suggestions for improvement.

You may be a superstar physicist but not fully confident about your writing abilities.

A professional editor or proofreader who understands your area of study can help you:

  • organize the ideas in your paper
  • make structural changes to your sentences to better convey your message
  • scan for typos and spelling or grammatical errors
  • ensure your thesis complies with the standards of your field

Think of your editor as your bodyguard, standing behind you to catch you if you fall You’ve already done the hard work. Now you just need a writing expert to help craft your thesis and let your brilliant research shine through This will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Edition of development reports

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Writing a dissertation is not a one-step process. It often takes years of work and preparation.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to get an editor on-board early on in the process.

You will likely be having periodic meetings with your mentor or dissertation committee ➤ and submitting reports describing the development of your research ➤ so an editor can help you make sure these progress reports are top-notch.

Eventually, bits of these documents might make their way into the final draft of your thesis.

Thesis translation and edition assimilated services

Other types of academic specialized texts, which are assimilated on different areas to doctoral theses, are:

  • Treaties
  • Memories
  • Studies
  • Symposia
  • Conferences
  • Agreements
  • Essays
  • Speeches
  • Among others…

On the other hand, you may not be so far along in your academic career that you need thesis translation and edition services.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from academic revision services.

You might just be an undergrad student struggling through the shock of freshman year and desperately in need someone who can look over your term paper.

An editor can help you identify gaps in your writing and make improvements.

Moreover, the revision process itself can be a learning opportunity that takes your writing to the next level.

Or maybe you’ve dreamed of writing a short handbook describing the tips and tricks you’ve picked up on while struggling to learn Spanish during your year abroad.

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  • You’ve been in the language learner’s shoes and have experienced first-hand what works and what doesn’t.
  • You desperately want to share that knowledge with others who are in the same place now ➤ but you’re not confident about your ability to capture in writing exactly what you want to say.
  • An editor or a translator can help ➤ Someone with this level of knowledge in both languages will be able to understand the cross-cultural aspects you wish to capture, as well as the linguistic tips you aim to provide.

In short, there are so many different situations in which you may benefit from professional thesis translation and edition services and other assimilated.

Whether or not you are writing a dissertation, you will most likely come across the need for some sort of academic translation, editing or proofreading, at some point in your career.

In addition to the translation in all languages, at SIGNEWORDS we carry out revisions that take into account the essential parameters in a text proofreading and we also take care to check that the style conforms to the kind of the dissertation, thus ensuring that the language is suitable for oral exposure or public defense.