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Nowadays, everything revolves around the internet, hence the great importance of web content translation

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To thrive, any modern-day business has to launch a quality website and, accordingly, ensure excellent translation of web content.

Especially, if the business targets several different language populations, as many do in our globalized world, that website will need to be translated.

As you can imagine, in web content translation, many different factors come into play:

Here, we’ll discuss some different scenarios you may come across when translating various types of web-based content for your project or business.

Website translation services for online stores

There is no doubt that e-commerce is becoming an omnipresent force in our economy.

Due to its convenience, online shopping has taken the world by storm.

Whether you own:

Adding online shopping services to your website can:

  1. greatly increase your revenue
  2. and targeting various language groups can multiply your sales even further

➤ Let’s say you live in a multicultural city with inhabitants from all over the world: Morocco, China, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Slovakia, Thailand, etc.

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You decide to open up a specialty tea shop:

  • importing only the finest, most exotic teas from other countries,
  • providing these populations products from their beloved home countries,
  • that are not easily found in your area.

Although you have a storefront downtown:

  • your shop is too small to house the vast selection of teas you want to offer,
  • so you decide to set up an online store.

Creating an online store in your language is already challenging enough and you will certainly want to hire:

To assist you.

But translating your online store’s content is even more complex, as the content will need to:

  • be localized
  • not just translated.

The goal is to ➤ create a website that will seem to be crafted specifically for a certain population

Analyze each of your target groups:

  • Is your Pakistani population from a certain city or area where a particular style of Urdu is spoken?
  • What age groups are you targeting and how does that influence the type of language used?
  • What cultural norms are important to that population?

The answers to these questions will help a good translation agency like SIGNEWORDS select an adequate translator for you.

A specialized translator who is deeply familiar with:

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  • the specific style of the language that you will need
  • the cultural customs that need to be considered

When adapting the linguistic style of your online store to accommodate the particular population you are targeting.

In this case, the translator also acts as a cultural consultant.

Web content translation service intended for blogs

Blogs can be excellent marketing tools for your business.

They keep you connected to your customer base:

  1. by providing interesting content
  2. and draw attention to the services you provide

To allow search engines to pick up your content, thoughyour blog articles need to be SEO-optimized,

which requires considering additional factors when translating.

➤ Let’s say now that you own a spa with headquarters in Italy and satellite locations in Greece and France.

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You have teamed up with an excellent Italian web content creator who is an expert on selecting keywords,

that will ensure that your articles come up first in search engines.

Using these keywords:

  • your team of bloggers has written compelling lifestyle articles in Italian that interest your target market
  • and now you want to have those translated to Greek and French.

Your translators will have to, first of all, localize the articlesmaking sure that nothing is lost in translation.

These relatively brief, and usually light-hearted, informational blogs,

tend to be full of colloquial expressions and idioms that may not be translated accurately, thus the ideal translator will need to:

  1. be familiar enough with the target language
  2. find equivalent expressions that convey a similar message
  3. or find some sort of effective workaround.

The translators will also need to:

  • evaluate the keywords used
  • determine how effective they are when translated

Modifications may need to be made to those keywords, adapting them to the target language,

to enhance SEO-optimization, in cases where word-for-word translations do not work out.

Web content translation to optimize social media use

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. are also great marketing tools

that can complement your business’s or project’s website.

Each of them favors a certain type of content and has its own set of limitations,

that will guide the choices that the translation agency will make when localizing your content.

➤ Let’s imagine this time that you own a bookstore and you want to publicize your upcoming meet-and-greet event with a local writer:

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  1. Your graphic designer may create a square-shaped virtual “flyer” specifically for Instagram, featuring the details of the event.
  2. When translating that content, the translator needs to consider how the translated words would fit into the image.
  3. Some languages naturally use more words to express a certain message, so the text may no longer fit aesthetically into the image.
  4. Perhaps the background image was designed around a certain two-word slogan but the translation needs to be three words, throwing off the symmetry of the design.
  5. In this case, the translation might have to be tweaked to ensure that it fits visually in an appealing way or the image would have to be redesigned around the translation.

Twitter presents similar challenges.

Since posts need to be kept under a certain amount of characters,

translators may need to condense their translations to fit the allotted space.

Web content translation for online inquiries from customers and visitors

If your business targets several language populations,

 you will surely receive online inquiries from customers and visitors in different languages, which you may not always be able to address.

For these purposes,

  1. it is necessary to have a translator who is familiar enough with your project,
  2. to answer these questions
  3. and act as an intermediary when necessary.

Maintaining good customer and follower relations is always the key to a successful business.

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Translation agencies, such as SIGNEWORDS, with specialized web content translation service

No matter what specific translation challenges your business is facing:

A professional translation agency like SIGNEWORDS can provide the team of experts you need

to ensure your website’s translations are effective. Therefore:

  1. Whether you are struggling with your social media posts in foreign languages
  2. or feel that your blogs are not adequately SEO-optimized when translated,
  3. we offer the services your project needs to thrive in cyberspace.