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SIGNEWORDS Privacy Policy

In recognition of the importance of your personal information, SIGNEWORDS strictly abides by personal information protection laws and related regulations, and has defined privacy policies aimed at protecting personal information which are fully disseminated to all of its directors and employees in order to protect personal information.

Handling of Personal Information on the SIGNEWORDS Website

Personal information in terms of the SIGNEWORDS website (, the “Site”) operated by SIGNEWORDS SCP (“SIGNEWORDS”) consists of information such as names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and addresses, which can identify individuals.

By using the Site, you agree to the following terms of use:

Collection of Personal Information:

Some pages on this Site may ask you to provide personal information, for the following purposes:

• Registration for SIGNEWORDS’ e-mail newsletter
• Answering questionnaires

When providing SIGNEWORDS with personal information of minors, SIGNEWORDS strongly encourages the prior consent of parents / guardians.

Use of Personal Information:

Personal information you provide will be used to the extent necessary to achieve purposes stated to you when SIGNEWORDS requested your information. Aggregated data based on personal information you provide will be used to improve operation of the Site. Aggregated data will not, however, include information that may be used to identify you.

Disclaimers Regarding Use of Personal Information:

SIGNEWORDS will abide by its Privacy Policy to protect your personal information. Due to the nature of the Internet however, SIGNEWORDS cannot ensure the security of data transmitted to the Site or the security while accessing the Site. You are responsible for personal information transmitted to the Site or to SIGNEWORDS.

SIGNEWORDS is under no condition responsible or liable for the protection or use of personal information collected by third-party websites regardless of whether they are linked to by the Site.

Access Logs:

Access logs are automatically recorded when you visit web pages on the Site. The information SIGNEWORDS collects consists of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your browser name and version, your operating system, and the address, time and date, and viewing time of the page(s) you visited. This information will be aggregated and utilized to improve your experience on the Site. Access logs will not include your personal information.


The Site is operated according to Spanish laws and regulations. SIGNEWORDS may revise the content of the “Handling of Personal Information on the SIGNEWORDS Website” in order to protect your personal information, due to circumstances such as laws and regulations relating to personal information, developments in Internet technologies, and changes in services provided by SIGNEWORDS.