Quality control and guarantee scheme

SIGNEWORDS quality control and guarantee scheme

Signewords Quality control and guarantee scheme

SIGNEWORDS quality control and guarantee scheme standards are amongst the most rigorous worldwide in the translation and linguistics market.

Our commitment is to provide quality excellence in each project we undertake.

SIGNEWORDS professional linguists have a passion for language use and communication through language.

This enthusiasm means we are highly focused and love having ideas that we can apply to the continuous improvement of our mission,

which is to produce content and communications of the highest quality, that is:

  • up-to-date with the latest linguistic developments,
  • relevant and compelling

Quality control and guarantee scheme on substance and content

Signewords high-quality translations

  • Continuous improvement in the quality of the delivered work.
    • Our primary mission is that the form of speech in all languages is used appropriately in the different working fields and specialized sectors.
    • Based on this premise, we need to keep abreast of language evolution:
      • which is continual and constant, and
      • also determines any possible changes.
    • We include the necessary advancements in each step we take in our work as linguists.
  • Controlled and scrutinized the selection of the professionals involved in each assignment.
    • We always select them under their specific attributes.
    • At SIGNEWORDS, we select linguists based on very clearly defined parameters and criteria, which ensure that they are still the best selection in terms of:
      • specializations
      • experience
      • training
      • knowledge
  • There’s continuous training of SIGNEWORDS’s employees and associates.

We continuously train the linguists who successfully are in our team so that they:

    • Follow our quality standards.
    • Work in line with the principles and tests that we continually:
      • update and
      • adapt to each project.
  • We ensure flawless compliance with our working principles.

These are our governing principles:

    • responsibility
    • integrity
    • professionalism
    • confidentiality
    • rigor

Signewords high-quality language services


  • And we are on the lookout for the smallest of details.

We carefully check every text before finally signing off each delivery as perfect, aware that they can be overlooked.

  • Review of multiple factors.
    • Style guide. Checking its application, should this document exist.
    • Client’s instructions. These can be the initial instructions or ones that arise during communications throughout the work process.
    • Style and vocabulary. Following any:
      • glossaries,
      • documents, and
      • publications,

that the client might supply.

    • Correction of possible errors. Detection of errors through closely monitoring each job undertaken within the SIGNEWORDS‘ organization.

Means and system quality standards on 

Signewords quality standards

  • Monitoring of day-to-day operations.

By the global and project management team.

  • Assessment of work processes.

From planning up to execution and delivery:

    • to be able to assess the applicable improvements and
    • that we continuously introduce them effectively.
  • We continuously pursue improvements in managing each project and the organization.

Deciding to be actively present in each stage of the work process and not merely acting without thinking makes you fully receptive and more attentive to everything,

and this permits you to implement improvements based on ideas that keep coming to mind as a result.

  • Compliance with applicable regulations.

These regulations are general and global, concerning:

    • legislations,
    • standards, and
    • other policies,

related to linguistic services.

  • Strict confidentiality and privacy processing.

Through absolute respect for current privacy legislation.

And our firm commitment to maintaining professional secrecy.