Rates and applicable discounts

Our rates and applicable discounts

Calculation of applicable rates and discounts

Elements to consider when calculating applicable rates and discounts::

  • Language combination in each project: source and destination languages
  • Speech: general or specialized
  • Word count

At SIGNEWORDS, we work with all the languages of the world and any combination of them.

This way, discounts are applied on the following basis:

  • Word count
  • Ongoing job
  • Repetitions in content
  • Multilingual project
  • Combination of services

Specific discount for a combination of services

Regarding the application of rates and discounts, combining services means that you hire several of SIGNEWORDS services.

Additionally, in web services and due to this integration of services, several advantages to consider show up:

  1. You integrate consultancy for your content with all the translations you need.
  2. Special discounts apply to the base rate.
  3. You make sure you have an active website.
  4. You stay up to date, so your website evolves simultaneously with your project.

Possible application of several discounts ✅

Furthermore, these discounts are cumulative.

⤷ In fact, it is widespread that we add several discounts up in our quotations, resulting in very significant price reductions concerning customers that bring different basis together.

Confidentiality policy when calculating rates and discounts

If you are interested in getting a free quote, you should know that:

Although, if you prefer not to send the texts, but you need an estimation for your organization:

Contact us to get a free quote - Signewords

  • Contact us detailing these elements, and we’ll deliver an approximate quote:
    1. Original languages along with languages you need
    2. Speech type
    3. Word count
  • Or we can also sign a nondisclosure agreement.

We’ll prepare an estimation to suit your needs

Applying specific rates and discounts for any of the SIGNEWORDS language services: