Linguistic Consultancy Service

A company or institution that is constantly in contact with the audience when it comes to providing their services or selling their products, needs to ensure they express theirselves correctly and carefully.

Linguistic consultancy for companies and institutions is one of SIGNEWORDS’ most genuine services, related to our linguist souls. It means that with any other service we provide, there appears an element of consultancy for direct clients or the general public.

At SIGNEWORDS we provide guidance for any area of your verbal or written communications, with the aim of ensuring you maintain fully professional relationships with clients, users, suppliers and visitors.

These are our procedures as linguistic consultants; they can be either occasional or ongoing. These procedures are carried out within the company or institution using the linguistic consultancy service.

  • Editing, correction and revision of texts to be read or spoken out loud.
  • Revision and preparation of meetings and presentations.
  • Revision and preparation of conferences.
  • Comprehensive language correction for media: television, radio, written press and online media.
  • Assessment of performances by representatives of the company, entity or institution.
  • Control of spoken and written progress of the professionals involved.
  • Creation of reports for consultation and study by different professionals that may need to use them in the future.
  • Review of internal coherence in relation to the use of register and appropriate styles for each sector.
  • Adaptation to current style manuals or creation of company style manuals.
  • Training of professionals that use our service.
  • Control and improvement of diction, in the case of oral media.

With the backing of SIGNEWORDS, you will know that the language applied to each professional sector will always be the most suitable for that situation and that you are using it in an entirely correct way.

You will rest assured that:

  • your image will be well protected
  • you can offer ➤ the most COMPETENT and EXPERT image you are able to express

You simply need to take care of the content – or also leave it to us! -, and our language consultants will take care of correcting and adapting your spoken or written communications and we will teach you how to be well aware of these matters.