Press release service

Our press department offers a variety of services: press kits, reports, chronicles, interviews, news and press releases.

If you would like to order our press office service, you will be provided for one year with two press releases a month, a complete file and an annual update, two press conferences and media contact. Although this is not a closed package, it can however easily be expanded to meet the communication needs of your business.

Press department



A press kit gathers all the information that the media needs about your activities, so that you can reach customers in an attractive way and from an interesting point of view. We realize that this important document is critical to the public relations of your business, and therefore we strive to provide rich content for it.


We will accurately and specifically gather information about your company, business or activities that you intend to disclose, and will send it to the media for dissemination. The press release has a very short and punctual life, so we’ll eliminate useless or redundant data and we’ll focus on the central theme. We are brief and concise to present an idea that has an impact.

Creation and dissemination of dossiers and press releases

We produce dossiers and press releases, according to your specialisation. Subsequently, we work to disseminate this material in the media outlets that are most closely aligned to each subject dealt with. This is about reaching the maximum number of possible media outlets possible in order to explain the importance of disseminating the notice to them. In some cases, depending on the client or the product, we will send a sample to a selection of journalists. In this case, the dispatch cost will be charged to the client, as this is a service extra.


We understand the interview as an effective technique to find and obtain relevant data, keeping in mind that the respondent has to engage the public. We think that interviews serve to clarify concepts and bring to light ideas and inspiring experiences.

Management of interviews in the media

Based on our knowledge of media and journalism, in addition to verifying the credibility of information, we take charge of the management of interviews in the most suitable media in each case, with the aim of obtaining the greatest possible impact.


Reports are informative and explain events of public interest based on the careful observation of the narrator and from a current perspective. We will connect people and contexts, and we will include surveys or interviews as auxiliary ways to explain the facts when needed.


We will prepare chronicles on current and past events by various sorts of contrasted information. We will contact the main figures, individuals and entities involved in the topics up for discussion. We take the importance of advance preparation and research into account to create a good chronicle, and we will strive to find the best direct sources.


We will report all kinds of facts in a simple, clever and structured manner, which may be of interest to the community due to their relevance. We stand for objectivity, clarity and truthfulness.



Organisation and holding of press conferences or product presentations and others

We organise press conferences and presentations, in order to reach the largest possible number of media outlets that may be interested in the material discussed, according to their communication and information sector.