Social Networks and Online Advertising Campaigns


Creation, management and monitoring of professional profiles on the most appropriate social networks, depending on the company or brand.

We can manage any network requested, although depending on each case, we would help you to choose the best one. We normally recommend a maximum of three or four, but not more. In this case, as in others, less can be more.

Creation and development of specific communication and marketing campaigns for the network.

In this case, these are clients with whom we still do not work on a periodical basis, who need our help to manage a campaign on the networks. From this point, we can begin to carry out work with this client on a more ongoing basis or it may simply be a one-off project, where the client goes on to manage the campaign independently.

Within this service, there are more possibilities that can be added:

  • Dissemination of offers, creation of competitions, insertion of viral content…in order to dynamise the community. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the possible costs that these actions may incur.
  • Management and monitoring of the advertising campaign.
  • Analysis and optimisation of performance. This service is included within the same service for the maintenance of networks and creation of campaigns, but it possible to only request the analysis of a campaign that the clients themselves have carried out.
  • Negotiate advertising rates. In order to put a banner on a website or advertise on other media, whether in print or audiovisual.


This service also includes the possibility of developing and managing AdWords campaigns (PPC – Pay Per Click advertisement).

Statistics and impact analysis reports

We carry out analysis and the optimisation of the performance of AdWords campaigns.