Japanese translation services / 日本語の翻訳者

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Professional Japanese translation

At present, Japanese is a very active language and translating Japanese is one of the activities we carry out on a daily basis at SIGNEWORDS. This language is used in both public (administration, television and radio or education) and private sectors (written press, business, production and social networks). Consequently, we think that it is very important to offer a high quality translation service to and from Japanese, in order to satisfy the demand for information and communication in this language. Therefore, we have a skilled and efficient team of native translators from/to Japanese, who carry out their job with professionalism and rigour.

Japanese is spoken mainly in Japan, where 124,350,000 of the country’s 127,700,000 speak it as their mother tongue. It is traditionally considered Altaic, however, there is some debate which language group it belongs to.

One of its main features is its complex honorific system of courtesy (the keigo, which literally means “language of respect”) that reflects the nature of Japanese society, as the Japanese are much more formal when speaking than Europeans. Some linguists believe that it is related to the Korean language, in terms of form and structure.

There has been an interest to learn Japanese since the late eighteenth century, but it increased in the 1980s thanks to the popularity of anime and video games which made Japanese pop culture known through animation. The rise and expansion of new technologies produced in Japan, meant that the country’s economy increased internationally and many people became interested in learning the language.

If you need translations from/to Japanese and you are looking for a good translator from/to Japanese, at SIGNEWORDS we are here to help you.






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