Journalistic translation

Information technologies and communication has made a great progress. In a globalized and communicated society like our there is lot of information which has to be received, administered and spread with the precision, transparency and formality required. Furthermore, this constant information exchanges has grown with the internet appearance.

Journalistic translation

In this sense, nowadays journalism translation is included in the services that the communication sector offers. The informative request has increased in television, radio, press and also in the net, so the need to satisfy the demand for information is becoming wider resulting in the need of qualified professionals.

The priority of SIGNEWORDS is to improve the quality of social relations between people and help meet their needs directly or via other means available, and priority importance to observe with care costumer commitment.

With this solid purpose, the company has a good team of journalism translation specialists who ensure quality of the process of informative text translation reaches a satisfactory quality in each of its phase of work resulting final product is delivered in excellent condition and within the time limits stipulated. Information is a right and SIGNEWORDS works to serve those who exercise, promote and defend it.

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