Legal translation

Legal translation means to transfer texts which have a relation between the administration and the citizen from one language to another. This includes texts that regulate relations between individuals and have legal significance such as legal texts related to lawsuits, complaints and citations.

Legal translation services

Due to the importance and legal terminology and meaning it is essential to have specialized professionals because of the complexity and specific vocabulary and terms that these texts contain. Mainly the language has to be understandable to all, and the translator has to be familiarized with the legal terms in both languages,. Moreover, he has to be experienced in the legal industry and familiar with terms of speech of the language translating into, from the original mother text.

With the rise of the international commerce, it is necessary that the specialized translators who translate are familiar and experienced in contracts of sale and purchase insurance or transport. Legal translation has also developed due to the creation of economic and political blocs with common legal systems. In fact, European Union is harmonizing the systems to apply and create legal standards mandatory for the member countries, and must be translated. It is also important the increasing mobility of the society and the spread of mass tourism, which have created legal and administrative relations which require the need to be translated (real-estate agencies, wills, etc.)