Music translation

Music is an art apart from those which can be represented iconographically by words (literature), physical or visual (architecture, sculpture, painting), or by a sequence of images (cinema). Music reaches an intimate, personal but also collective dimension, hard to describe. It is a unique feeling, often pleasant with distinguishing characteristic and idiosyncratic language; this makes it a special artistic discipline. It is a sign of our artistic skills that from an early age until today has captivated the human race.

Music translators

No wonder, then, that a discipline like this one has generated so much bibliography related to the conception, shape and even the historic evolution that has experienced over the centuries: music magazines or manuals and great composers and singers biographies. Since classical music, at Middle Ages, until pop or electronic music our life has been flooded by music in general.

In this translation context, SIGNEWORDS aims for the translation of all types of bibliography associated with the music: pamphlets, music programs, lyrics, specialized magazines, etc. Our specialized translators try to satisfy the needs of our clients, provide personal attention and answer their doubts.