The SIGNEWORDS‘ team consists of professionals specialized in each of the services we offer. Native speakers of the target language produce or edit all translations. We express ourselves in accordance with the 21st century, and we are up to date intellectually and in terms of open-mindedness.

Collaborators: SIGNEWORDS‘ translators, editors and consultants are linguists, journalists and other professionals who have become a part of the team due to their expertise and excellent training, as well as due to their proven interest in the evolution of language and communication.

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  • Maria Rotger

    Maria Rotger


    Bachelor’s Degree in Law. Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Translation. Trained in creative writing. Lingüist and communicator.

  • Norma Rotger

    Norma Rotger


    Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Trained in professional editing, journalistic writing and creative writing.