Guaranteed Working Process – Basic Points

At SIGNEWORDS, we work as a team. Our writings and translations are coordinated by two or more professionals before being delivered to the customer. We talk, we discuss, we confer and we make well-thought-out decisions, even when there’s little time to do. This way we guarantee the high quality of our language services.

These are the basic points of our working process:

  1. The project manager provides the customer with a free quote.
  2. The customer accepts the quote.
  3. If necessary, possible meeting with the client to establish the project’s parameters, before or after next point.
  4. Assignment of the order to the appropriate member or members of the team, at the discretion of the project manager.
  5. Proofreading, performed by the professional chosen by the project manager or by the project managers themselves.
  6. Option of proofreading by a third member of the team, upon request from the customer of this extra service.
  7. Delivery of the job to the customer.
  8. Possible changes during the week following the delivery of the job, in the event of mistakes or confusion on the part of the professionals.