Guaranteed working process

Our guaranteed working process details

Signewords guaranteed working process

One of the core features of the SIGNEWORDS guaranteed working process is that we always work as a team.

Following our guaranteed working process, two or more professionals coordinate all the content and translation projects,

before we deliver them to the customer.

We talk, we discuss, we confer, and we make well-thought-out decisions, even when there’s little time to do it.

This way, we guarantee the high quality of our language services.

These are the primary stages of our guaranteed working process:

  1. The project manager prepares a free quote for the customer.
  2. The customer accepts the quote, maybe after having asked some questions.
  3. If necessary, we hold a meeting with the client to establish the project’s parameters.
  4. Assignment of the order to the appropriate team member or members, at the discretion of the project manager.
  5. Overview of the work performed by the professional chosen by the project managers or by themselves.
  6. There’s the option of proofreading by a third member of the team, as an extra service upon the customer’s request.
  7. Delivery of the job to the customer.
  8. Possible changes during the week following the delivery of the job, given this need.

Anyway, we adapt this process to each case

Signewords international team of linguists working process

And we guarantee it through our quality control system.

With our linguists and journalists, we provide the following multilingual services:

At SIGNEWORDS, we specialize in building and training multilingual teams:

  • Our team of linguists is distributed all over the world.
  • We have translators and copywriters in every continent,

following our system and our guaranteed working process.

We are here to help, and we deliver all our estimations without acceptance commitment ✔️