Aussie English learning & Content creation

Learn with us in our conversation with Aussie English learning & Content creation Pete Smissen presents Aussie English learning & Content creation. He’s the host of the Aussie English, which is an online English learning platform with podcasts and a YouTube channel. Do you feel you are an influencer or Youtuber? I don’t think I … – Continue reading “Aussie English learning & Content creation”

How to improve your communication skills

What’s communication and how to improve your communication skills? Communication is the act of transferring information from one place to another. How to improve your communication skills? We achieve it through four different means: written: letters and emails non-verbal: body language and gestures visual: graphs and maps and verbal communication: speaking Verbal communication Verbal communication … – Continue reading “How to improve your communication skills”


HISTORY OF COSMETICS FROM PREHISTORY TO NOWADAYS Let’s take a look at the history of cosmetics, to understand the main objective of personal care better: To reach authenticity COSMETICS IN PREHISTORY We can trace the use of cosmetics as far back as prehistory when people were already grooming themselves for the celebration of funerals and … – Continue reading “HISTORY OF COSMETICS”


HISTÒRIA DE LA COSMÈTICA DES DE LA PREHISTÒRIA FINS A L’ACTUALITAT Vegem la història de la cosmètica, per d’aquesta forma, entendre millor l’objectiu principal de la cura personal: Assolir l’autenticitat COSMÉTICA A LA PREHISTORIA Ens remuntam fins a la prehistòria per analitzar com ja s’empolainaven per a la celebració d’alguns actes com rituals o funerals. … – Continue reading “HISTÒRIA DE LA COSMÈTICA”


HISTORIA DE LA COSMÉTICA DESDE LA PREHISTORIA HASTA LA ACTUALIDAD Veamos la historia de la cosmética, para de esta forma, entender mejor el objetivo principal del cuidado personal: Alcanzar la autenticidad COSMÉTICA EN LA PREHISTORIA Nos remontamos hasta la prehistoria para analizar cómo ya se acicalaban para la celebración de algunos actos como rituales o … – Continue reading “HISTORIA DE LA COSMÉTICA”