Achieving success through language

Welcome to The Connecting Word!

This motivational videoblog is focused on effective communication and achieving success through language

➤ How can you use language consequently to reach and consolidate your wishes and achievements?

Check up on the use of speech to position yourself before the world, deepening the codes that allow you to use effective communication and achieve success through language.

➤ Most of all, you’ll be able to achieve success in accomplishing your personal and career goals through understanding what language is.

Director & Producer: Maria Rotger

│Music Composer & Art Director: Josep Sina
Video Editors & Screenwriters: Maria Rotger - Josep Sina - Carlos Marcús - Guillermo Imsteyf  - Julie Faucher

│Executive Producer: Norma Rotger
│Style Consultant: Coco March
│Production Company: SIGNEWORDS

We break down a wide range of subjects related to communication and language:

  • check out how to communicate effectively
  • connecting it to the language concept itself
  • using copywriting services
  • and take advantage of learning how to speak in public
  • understanding the influence of language on our emotions and actions
  • together with attractive translation services
  • and analyzing YouTubers’ life and influencers’ life
  • but also learning languages
  • and studying the digital mindset
  • through multiple linguistic services
  • attaining multilingual communication
  • and expression in art and culture
  • along with style in the creation
  • pondering if a universal language would be good
  • but also introducing motivation and personal care
  • and we go on! ➥ ➥

🎬 About our speakers

Firstly, the blog’s keynote speaker is Maria Rotger →→

And we are happy to benefit from the exciting collaboration of booming speakers, YouTubers, and influencers because they kindly share their experience as top communicators with us!

↻ Why does SIGNEWORDS explore effective communication and achieving success through language?

Because this videoblog is part of the SIGNEWORDS project, comprising an international language services provider specializing in professional translation services and language consultancy, ensuring optimal communication across languages.

➳ We hope you enjoy our videos and articles

➴ and that WE can help you communicate EFFECTIVELY

➶ THEREBY expressING yourself in this

🌎 global, digital, and multilingual world!

The Connecting Word