Why age is your beauty ally?

Why age is your beauty ally When we talk about feeling beautiful, age is your beauty ally. We often associate feeling beautiful with feeling young, as if beauty and youth were two sides of the same coin. But the direct link between beauty and youth doesn’t exist anymore. It is just the opposite: as you … – Continue reading “Why age is your beauty ally?”

Beauty rituals on the beach

Learn some beauty rituals on the beach As you know, I like to highlight the enjoyable side of looking after yourself, and beauty rituals on the beach are perfect to accomplish it.  If you don’t enjoy it, you either stop doing it altogether or zip through it grudgingly, and the results are never as good. … – Continue reading “Beauty rituals on the beach”


HISTORY OF COSMETICS FROM PREHISTORY TO NOWADAYS Let’s take a look at the history of cosmetics, to understand the main objective of personal care better: To reach authenticity COSMETICS IN PREHISTORY We can trace the use of cosmetics as far back as prehistory when people were already grooming themselves for the celebration of funerals and … – Continue reading “HISTORY OF COSMETICS”