When we talk about feeling beautiful, we often associate it with feeling young, as if beauty and youth were two sides of the same coin. But the direct link between beauty and youth doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, it is just the opposite: as you get older, you find lots of factors that add to your sense of self and make you more beautiful.


We have already discussed in earlier posts that true wellbeing can only emerge if you release your inner truth. It is important to be truthful to yourself, accept your reality and work from there. That is not to say you shouldn’t strive for more or better —having dreams and struggling to attain them is essential in life. But don’t let frustration win the day and stop liking yourself because you can’t accept yourself as you are and the material you’ve got to work with. Your body, the way you breathe, your most private and genuine thoughts.

Every person walks a different path and, as in all aspects of life, it is futile to generalize, but young people do tend to imitate what they like in others, maybe because they haven’t yet had enough opportunity or time to discover what they truly like and what they are genuinely searching for. Growing older gives you the time and the experience you need to move on from imitating others and be yourself more and more.

The false link between youth and beauty can also make you try, absurdly, to extend your youth. Naturally you can take care of yourself because you like to and because it makes you feel good, but always on the basis that you accept the different phases of life and your personal evolution, never trying to turn back the clock.


Given that beauty can manifest itself in many forms, and is always viewed through the eye of the beholder, the essence of being beautiful is feeling good. How often have you been feeling good and found that other people found you more attractive as a result? And when that happens, you tend to take better care of yourself, you dress up more and your eyes sparkle. More evidence that beauty comes from within: beauty is an attitude that manifests itself from the inside out.

Happiness is closely linked to calm and serenity, states we often need to learn to attain. Getting older should help you to better understand where happiness lies, not the opposite. We often hear older people saying things like, “At my age, I don’t care about that anymore”, or “I’ve seen it all before”. Because that’s the way of it: as you get older, some things just don’t worry you as much as they did when you were younger, and that helps you attain that all-important serenity.


You need to try out different products to see which ones suit you, and experiment with routines to find out what really works for you. As I’ve already said, a dermatologist once told me that the only person that lives with my skin every day is me, and therefore I am the person that knows it best. So, age is a real help in this respect. The older you are, the more you will have experimented with different products and routines, the more mistakes you will have made and the more you will have learned about yourself.


And maturity is also about balance. The more well-balanced you manage to be, on the inside, the better you will see yourself and the better you will feel. Maturity comes to some people at one age, to others at another, and maybe some people never fully achieve it, but whatever form it takes, it takes time, and time for human beings means age. Getting older, if we learn to embrace it, brings the wisdom brought by experience and the practice of living, and the poise that bestows beauty to both face and body.

Age puts things in perspective and should allow us to love ourselves more and more as we get older. That is the true basis of beauty. Genuine, natural beauty, that is.

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