Healthy meals for busy people


Enjoy this useful range of healthy meals for busy people

This post on healthy meals for busy people aims at all of you:

busy people for whom time is a limited resource.

Like me, you want to look after yourself and feel good; but at the same time, you want to enjoy good food, without having to invest a lot of time

Simplify the shopping and cooking process│Healthy meals for busy people

I’m glad to share with you this list of simple, healthy dishes, using ingredients you can combine in lots of different ways to prepare healthy meals for you and your family.

That’s right, we’re talking about making healthy eating for children and adults a real possibility.

Healthy meals for busy people - Signewords blogs

These ideas are not just about paring down the preparation when it comes to lunch or dinner. They’re also about the dreaded shopping.

How can I find the time to shop and organize the meals? I don’t have the time. And that these meals are healthy and provide a varied and balanced diet for the whole family, kids included, that everyone will enjoy eating while reaping the health benefits?

Eating as a family│Healthy meals for busy people

healthy food - Signewords blogs

Sitting down to eat together is often a luxury these days, so whenever you do manage to eat as a family, make the most of it.

Show your family that proper nutrition can go hand in hand with eating well and that you can leave the table feeling good and light and energized, never heavy, and tired.

Sound familiar?

Seven mix-and-match meal suggestions

I’m not getting into the details of possible food intolerances or specific diets because there are so many possibilities and variations.

Instead, I’m giving you a list of seven general ideas you can adapt to suit your tastes and needs.

You can have fun dreaming up your variations, safe in the knowledge that you’re free from the endless

“What’s for dinner?” dilemma!

So here are my meal suggestions to mix and match.

You can round off the dishes with seaweed and seeds, as well as your favorite herbs, spices, and seasonings.

Feel free to use other vegetables, grains or proteins as substitutes, and supplement the diet between meals with fruit, yogurt or kefir, or other ideas of your own.


  • Grilled chicken breast with rocket, lamb’s lettuce and cherry tomato salad
  • Bulgur with aubergines, sesame seeds, and Greek yogurt accompaniment
  • Hake with brown rice and broccoli
  • Oven-baked rabbit with red pepper, onion, and potatoes
  • Omelet with tuna, courgette and flax seeds
  • Quinoa and millet with green pepper, tomato, and white tuna or mackerel
  • Gilt-head bream with chard, tomato, potatoes, and pine kernels
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